About Bambino

About us

Bambino has been synonymous to vermicelli and sphere of pasta products. In the year 1982, Bambino launched pasta products driven by good manufacturing practices and quality food products.

We are proud to say that we are an Indian brand which has earned reputation with series of product innovation and dedication towards quality. Bambino pasta products are manufactured from wheat semolina (Suji / Rava), It comes in many forms and is a part of almost every cuisine. You will find it in cozy family meals and exotic gourmet lunches. It is versatile, accessible and healthy. It comes as no surprise that pasta is one of the most popular foods on the planet! Vermicelli-that magic ingredient that is widely used in Indian homes is nothing but a subcategory of pasta.

Over the years Bambino has worked towards bringing convenience to consumer’s life. With deep understanding of changing lifestyle and behavior, Bambino has introduced wide range of products in convenience, ready to eat and blended spices segment. Food has deep rooted connections with regional taste, flavor and aroma; Bambino offers range of blended spices to tickle the taste buds. Bambino offers 55 products in these segments.

Rising awareness amongst the consumers for leading a healthy lifestyle led us to building strong team for R&D, the team is focused on nutrition and health delivery of food with great taste and convenience. Pan India distribution network of Bambino ensures that products are always in reach of the consumer.